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5 Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Youth Sports

5 Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Youth Sports

As the world of youth sports becomes more competitive, the pressure on young kids to perform has become more intense. In some cases, this competitive culture can verge from motivational to downright harmful; a toxic competitive environment will hurt a child’s mental and physical health, and ultimately have a negative impact on their performance and sportsmanship. To raise a happy and healthy young athlete, it is critical to keep the child interested and excited about competing at increasingly high levels. Here are some easy ways to ensure that a child does not experience athletic burnout and continues to love competing:


Set Realistic Expectations: Be upfront about the time commitment that participation will entail. Kids need to be aware of the expectations and know that they need to finish out a season once they commit to their team. It will help if the child knows that they are committing to just one season and don’t feel pressured to pursue a long-term athletic career.


Emphasize Variety: Young athletes should not be specializing in one sport when they start their competitive career. It is important that kids try out a variety of sports and switch activities with each season. Specializing in one sport too early can lead to burnout and can also contribute to overuse injuries.


Keep Playtime Fun: It is easy to fall into a trap of making it all about the practice, even when at home. It is crucial to resist the urge to make everything about the game. Make sure the child has time to just play for the sake of playing. Not everything has to be about developing skills and improving their game.


Stress Age-Appropriate Fun: At the earliest ages, most kids are in it for the post-game snacks, participation trophies, and camaraderie with their buddies. This is to be expected and should be celebrated. There will be plenty of time further down the road to emphasize the competition. For now, it is encouraged to let the kids have their fun — even if it means that parents need to gather the troops and form a parent tunnel after games to celebrate the victories AND the losses.
Stay Positive: Kids are under enough stress these days to perform at a high level at young ages. It is up to the parents to encourage and cultivate a positive attitude. Resist the temptation to be overly critical of the child’s performance, coaching decisions, and poor officiating. Be positive and leave the coaching to the coach!

Have You Tried These Seattle Day Trips?

Have You Tried These Seattle Day Trips?

The city of Seattle offers a vibrant urban experience for visitors. With numerous neighborhoods to explore and cultural offerings to experience, tourists and locals alike could easily eat, drink and shop many days away in the city. But exploration shouldn’t be limited to the city’s borders; a host of amazing places wait just a short car or train ride beyond the city proper. Here, I list a few of the many great day trips that those based in Seattle should take on while staying in the city.


Mount Rainier

You can’t miss Mount Rainier; the mountain towers over the city of Seattle, though it is frequently shrouded in cloud cover. Its proximity to the city makes a visit to this 14,410 foot peak a must-do for nature lovers, as it can be reached by car in under two hours. The mountain is housed inside of the Mount Rainier National Park, and parts of it are accessible year-round. Mount Rainier is well-established as one of the snowiest places in the world –  encountering snow as late as June is common! That said, once the ice melts in summertime, visitors can enjoy an expansive alpine meadows filled with wildflowers. Truly spectacular!


Whidbey Island

Coupeville, on Whidbey Island, holds the distinction of being the second-oldest town in Washington. It is also a perfect destination for shellfish lovers. Nicknamed “Mussel Beach”, the town overlooks the oldest and largest mussel farm in the United States. The local restaurants all feature the salty bivalves in a variety of unusual restaurants. Seafood doesn’t really get much fresher than that.


Snoqualmie Falls

Beautiful Snoqualmie Falls is located only 40 minutes east of Seattle and is an easy destination for those looking for a short excursion to admire the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty. Here, the roaring Snoqualmie River cascades 270 feet to massive rocks below, creating the Falls. Visitors can enjoy a free observation deck at the top. There is also a gift shop and picnic area if tourists or family want to make an afternoon of the trip. Those looking for an upgrade from the park picnic scene can enjoy a meal at the adjacent Salish Lodge and Spa.


La Conner

Home to a variety of galleries, artisanal shops, and museums, including one which specializes in quilts and textiles, the town of La Conner is an ideal day trip for the art lover. The town has been home to a number of notable artists, including author Tom Robbins, painters Mark Tobey and Guy Anderson. The artistic legacy of the latter is commemorated in the town’s Museum of Northwest Art.


About Philip Ward Seattle

From an early age, Philip Ward Seattle worked hard to provide for himself and his family. As a result, he didn’t always get the chance to just enjoy being a child. After Philip had children of his own, he vowed that they wouldn’t have the same experience as he did. Spending time with his family at their home in Seattle, Washington is very important to Philip. Although he puts a lot of time and effort into his career, he always makes time for his wife and two children.

Philip Ward believes that it’s important for children to participate in sports and activities. Participating in sports will teach children a number of important skills that they can use throughout their entire lives. Playing on a team teaches children how to get along with others, solve problems together, and it helps build confidence. Additionally, sports provide children with an outlet for their energy and help them stay in shape. During the summer when school is out, children need to engage in fun activities or else they’ll become bored and restless. Taking an activity like an art class, swimming, or playing any sport is the perfect option for keeping children busy and content during summer break.

Philip’s son is a passionate soccer player and he also enjoys music. He has played soccer from a very young age and has become a fantastic player for his age. He is on a cut team that is chosen from hundreds of kids that try out in his age group in the Seattle area. Philip Ward Seattle has truly enjoyed watching him play over the years and seeing how much he has learned over time. Also, Philip has enjoyed forming friendships with the other families that have their children on the same team. They travel to many places, which creates a strong bond not only for his son and his teammates but for the parents as well. Watching the soccer games is a great way to relax, focus on the family, and get away from life’s distractions. Soccer has gotten the entire family interested in watching professional soccer. They all enjoy watching Seattle’s MLS team, the Sounders.

His son has also played the cajón for many years. A cajón is a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru. It is played by slapping the front or rear faces with the hands and fingers. Philip’s son has played the cajón in many shows in the Seattle school district as well as theaters in the Seattle area of Washington. This has been a great learning experience not only for his son but for the whole family since the shows are always a cultural experience. There are groups from all around the world that come to perform.

Philip Ward Seattle’s daughter has ventured and enjoyed many sports and activities such as art, horseback riding, soccer, gymnastics, yoga, piano, and track just to name a few. She has a strong mindset, and once she focuses on what she is doing she will always do her best to succeed. For her, trying new things has always led to not only learning something new but meeting new friends. She has made the majority of her friends through the many activities that she participates in.

His daughter’s interest in horseback riding has been one of Philip’s favorites activities to watch. As a young child in Puerto Rico, Philip Ward Seattle used to ride horses, and he likes to ride today as well. When he visits Puerto Rico he always makes time to get in at least one good horseback riding adventure with all of his friends that share that same passion for riding horses.