Best 3 Family-Friendly Movies to Watch Right Now in aha

The Tamil film industry has produced many family-friendly movies you can watch with friends and family. If you desire to watch a family-friendly movie, you must search for a proper streaming site. You can choose to watch many Tamil family movies from an OTT site.

These movies are considered some of the best Tamil movies 2022, and you can find many of them on aha, such as Maamanithan, Nedunalvaadai, KanniMaadam and many more. Read the guide below to learn more about these family movies.

Top Family-Friendly Tamil Movies

Some of the best family-friendly Tamil movies are as follows:


This is one of the latest releases of Seenu Ramaswamy in 2022, starring Vijay Sethupathi and Gayathrie in lead roles. The story of this movie is about an honest and good auto-driver Radhakrishnan who is content with his wife and two kids. His only desire is to get his kids enrolled in a private school. A real-estate owner dupes him after he promises the owner to sell all his plots. After this, he is left alone to face the wrath of the police and the angry villagers.


This is a Tamil movie of 2019 made by Selvakannan and features Anjali Nair, Elvis Alexander, AindhuKovilan and many more. This is easily one of the best Tamil movies2022, revolving around Elango, a man who his single mother and her father raise. But, with time, he falls for a local girl, and as Elango’s grandfather does not want to leave the family, he must make a tough decision.


This is a Tamil romance/drama movie that you can watch with your friends and family. The cast of this movie includes Valeena Princes, SriramKarthik, Satya Devi, AadulkalamMurgadossand many more. The director is Bose Venkat, and the music director is Hari Sai.

The story is about a Madurai couple who run to Chennai as the relatives of the boy do not approve of the marriage. But their new life is full of sorrow after a dangerous road accident occurs.

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