Redesigned Notch: Smoother Display with Curved Edges and USB-C Port

In iOS 15, Apple has announced a variety of features to enhance your iPhone more useful. This includes an updated App Privacy Report, which shows the apps who have access the camera, microphone as well as other personal information stored on the device.

The veteran reporter Mark Gurman claims that the coming iPhone 15 line will have curves and an programmable Action button which can substitute the mute switch. In addition, he says that the Pro models will feature an e-book design, which is less bulky than the model from last year.

Notch Design

The Notch can be used as a cutout for the display to increase the fullscreen experience as well as allowing room to the front camera, sensors for proximity and an ambient light sensor. However, it’s not free of its critics. People are often dissatisfied with the notched screen because it could interfere with apps, especially ones that aren’t optimized for notched screens.

However, the designers of some of the top-rated applications have already modified their applications to accommodate the brand new design of screens. It allows the apps to function effortlessly on phones which have a notch. it’s not a difficult thing to accomplish also. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

The notch isn’t the only thing being redesigned this year, however. Rumours suggest that the iPhone 15 series will get an USB-C port, instead of an Lightning one along iphone 15 pro 512gb with thinner bezels, and more rounded edges. This change is one that is logical, considering that the EU is requiring that all phones come with USB-C ports by the end of this year. There are other enhancements, including an Dynamic Island-shaped notch, which replaces the hole-punch or notch style that was first seen in the last iPhone X models. The notch is able to change the size of its notch based on what you’re doing. This is an excellent feature to break up boringly seeing an identical shape every time.

New Privacy Features

Apple is known for strict security measures and iOS update often include new features to help keep you secured. These changes usually don’t change your daily routine, but may aid in stopping data gathering from the phone.

For instance, iOS 14.5 includes an upgrade to App Tracking Transparency. It gives an overview of the way apps are using your location, camera or contacts, as well as any other sensor data. You can also turn on Record App Activity to get greater detail on the actions of applications on your device.

Another feature you might like could be a return to the magnifying lens that came with iOS 13 which makes it simpler to move your cursor to the right or left of the screen. You just need to tap and hold the screen while selecting words or altering the cursor position to see an magnifying lens show up.

Some other updates could include a new system for generating passwords that are secure through the lock screen that’s difficult to crack than those that are sent by SMS. Also, a method to save HomeKit home, hotel and car keys on the iPhone so that they are easily accessible (although it could be limited to Pro versions). It is also believed that the basic iPhone 15 will have a USB-C port, A17 processor and maybe the Apple made modem processor.

Siri Improvements

Apple is constantly improving Siri by introducing improvements to Siri with every iOS version, making it more accessible to the most important features on an iPhone. Siri has been upgraded capabilities to recognize voice, give more customizable settings, and even extend time to recharge.

One of the most significant enhancements has been made to iOS 15. Thanks to a new on-device processing model, Siri now keeps most audio requests in the device, instead of sending the files to servers. This makes the assistant much faster and also more secure.

Another significant improvement is the possibility to instruct Siri to announce phone calls, messages that are incoming, as well as other alerts over AirPods as well as Beats headphones. The feature first came out in iOS 15 and is a welcome addition for users who need to cut down on distraction.

Other enhancements in iOS 15 include the ability to support accents from other languages and the ability to mute certain features or apps with a single tap. There is also the ability to modify the duration of Siri’s pause between you asking a question and its response. This can be adjusted through Settings -> Siri Accessibility. The available voices is also expanding to be inclusive of Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian Additionally, the Siri system is now able to support the mix of English and Indian languages. These include Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Punjabi.