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1844 Hellcat Indomitable October 1944 From October till December 1944 was spent ashore at China Bay, the squadron then re-embarked on HMS Indomitable for moves on oil installations at Belawan Deli in Sumatra, and in January 1945, airfields and shore goals had been attacked at Pangkalan Brandan as properly because of the oil refineries at Palembang. The squadron is re-embarking on HMS Victorious later in the month for strikes in July 1945 against the Japanese mainland close to Tokyo until VJ-Day. 1834 Corsair Victorious August 1944 The squadron took part in a series of attacks on Sumatra, together with the Palembang oil refineries in Sumatra, in January 1945. Subsequently, the deliver joined the British Pacific Fleet and commenced assaults on the Sakishima Gunto islands between March and 1945. In June 1945, the squadron joined the first Carrier Air Group at Schofields and embarked on HMS Victorious for a sequence of assaults on the Japanese mainland in the Tokyo space.

On 24 January 1945, Sub Lt RF Mackie RNZN of 1839 sqdn flying Hellcat JV141 116/W shot down a Japanese Ki44 aircraft at Palembang. The ship then sailed for Australia, and the squadron disembarked at Nowra, wherein it became re-prepared with 18 Hellcat IIs. 1839 Hellcat Indomitable July 1944 to June 1945 In July 1944, the squadron embarked on HMS Indomitable, offering cowl throughout assaults on Sumatra. 1846 Corsair Colossus September 1944, the squadron j joined the sixth Naval Fighter Wing, cruising with HMS Formidable for the Far East, detachments disembarking at the eminence in shadow Merch North Front, Gibraltar, Dekheila, and Colombo until January 1945, embarking again on HMS Formidable in the month and arriving at Puttalam in February 1945. In March 1945, the squadron re-geared up with Corsair IV.

He guessed that the excessive level of the unique canopy, as shown in the journal article, was too far forward and curved too abruptly. On re-embarking, the squadron then took part in attacks on the Sakishima Gunto islands and Formosa. It subsequently was concerned with strikes on the Sakashima Gunto islands, after which it joined the 1st Service Air Group. In April and May 1945, the squadron took part in operations towards the Sakishimo Gunto islands, and in June, the sixth Naval Fighter Wing merged into the 2nd Carrier Air Group. In December 1944 and January 1945, the squadron took half in the strikes on the Palembang, Sumatran oil refineries. With the ship, they joined the British pacific fleet to assault the Sakishima Gunto islands.